A Measurement of the Self-Coupling of Electroweak Bosons

by Molnar, Peter

Abstract (Summary)
The couplings between the bosons of the electroweak interaction, gamma, Z and W, is one of the fundamental building blocks of the Standard Model, which was not yet tested with high precision. Indirect hints for the existence of boson self-coupling have been obtained by analysing Z pole data with respect to radiative corrections. This analysis uses for the first time all available electroweak precision data obtained at LEP 1, SLC, TEVATRON and at low energy experiments. The coupling strength between the electroweak gauge bosons is obtained by a global fit to all these data. A precise direct measurement of triple gauge boson couplings became possible in 1996 at LEP 2, where W bosons could be produced in pairs, e+e- -> W+W-. In addition single-resonant W production, e+e- -> W e nu, and single photon production, e+e- -> nu nu gamma, are evaluated with respect to boson self-couplings. In total a luminosity of 77 pb^-1 was collected with the L3 detector at 161, 172 and 183 GeV centre-of-mass energy in the years 1996 and 1997. The Standard Model expectations show good agreement with this measurement. The measurement is the first proof of the existence of a ZWW vertex. The LEP 2 data were further used to limit violation of parity and C-parity at the ZWW vertex. The results of the measurement for the three different channels, corresponding to three different regions of momentum transfer showed no dependence. Thus the magnetic dipole moment and electric quadrupole moment are derived. These two static properties of the W give information on the size and the geometrical form of the W, such that the W radius could be limited to 10^-18 m. In addition the coupling constants were used to limit the phase space of the extension of the Standard Model with a sequential Z' boson in terms of mixing angle and Z' mass. The unified matter theory by Klein is ruled out with more than ten standard deviations. abstract in PostScript
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School:Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:W Boson Eichbosonselbstkopplung boson electron-positron interaction gauge self coupling substructure


Date of Publication:11/26/1999

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