Materialhantering vid prenumerationsförsäljning : utifrån fyra tjänstemarknadsföringsmodeller

by Eriksson, Claes-magnus

Abstract (Summary)
The essence of this assignment is to examine the consequences of changes in the material routines when selling subscription of newspapers. It is a case study carried out within Nerikes Allehanda AB, one of the largest newspapers in Sweden. The division of selling is outsourced to an external telemarketing company.In 2004 the division of subscription carried out an extensive structural change. The intention was streamlining and to enable improved follow-up off sales. My experience as circulation and distribution manager has made me involved in the work with questions regarding to evaluate and improve operational changes in the material routines.The purpose of this thesis is to create an understanding of how the external telemarketing company experience that the contact with Nerikes Allehanda differs with changes in the material routines.As an empirical background are interviews with staff and employees by the telemarketing company. A newspaper subscription can both be categorized as a service and a product. The origin of this thesis is the view of service. Therefore as a theoretical background I have chosen a framework of models from the Nordic school of research in services marketing.The results of the study points at rather small differences in opinions between the staff and employees by the telemarketing company. To continuously work with the process of material routines seems to have a positive influence on the selling regarding soft factors, as attitudes, relations and behaviour. The most important qualities for creating “integration” between the organizations are access and trust. These factors give direct influence on the seller’s self-esteem within the interaction with the potential customer/subscriber. Standardized working routines create structure which is very much appreciated by the sellers. Which also affect the quality in the selling process in a positive way.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:02/02/2007

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