Matematik är något som man har och gör i skolan : En studie om hur sex elever i årskurs fyra uppfattar matematik och sin matematikundervisning

by Gustavsson, Anna; Nordqvist, Helen

Abstract (Summary)
Study: Degree project in teacher education, Advanced level, 15 hpUniversity of SkövdeTitle: Mathematics is something that you have and do in schoolA study about how six fourth grade students comprehendsmathematics and their mathematics educationNumber of pages: 39Author: Anna Gustavsson and Helen NordqvistTutor: Susanna Nilsson JacobssonDate: January 2008Keywords: mathematics, mathematics education, comprehensions, attitudes,learningThe purpose of the study was to examine how students comprehend mathematics and their mathematics education, and also what the foundation for their comprehensions is. A curiosity concerning students’ views on mathematics and its applications have also permeated the study. The intention was to deepen the knowledge and understanding of how students may comprehend mathematics and mathematics education in order to use this in our coming professions as teachers. We deem it important that we as teachers become aware of this, as several studies show a declining trend in students’ interest, which also may affect their performance. To examine the students’ comprehensions, we chose to use qualitative interviews, which were accomplished on a school in Västra Götalands county with six students in fourth grade. The results of the interviews showed amongst other things that mathematics for the students is perceived as something exclusively school related, that the students’ attitudes to mathematics is positive and that they consider themselves satisfied with the mathematical education they acquire today. If the students themselves were to decide how the education was to be managed, it would be managed as it is today, that is to say personal work with books and whole class examinations. One of the conclusions of the discussion is that even if the students that participated in the study feel satisfied with how they work with mathematics today, they haven’t yet realized the benefits of, or the understanding of, mathematics different applications. This makes us, despite the students’ positive attitudes, believe that a more realistic, investigative and informal mathematics education may promote a greater understanding of mathematics and its applications.
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:mathematics education comprehensions attitudes


Date of Publication:02/26/2008

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