Matarhjulens dubbinträning i timmer : Undersökning av dubbskador som matarhjulens mönster orsakar på timmer, deras uppkomst och hur man kan motverka dem med olika dubbmönster

by Memic, Anes; Gäfvert, Marcus; Vilhelmsson, Ulf

Abstract (Summary)
This diploma work has been done on commission by Rottne Industri AB and affects the feed rollers and their stud’s penetration in timber. The feed rollers are mounted in the harvester head which sits on a timber cutting machine used for harvesting wood (harvester). When the damage caused by the studs is too deep the timber is permanently damaged which is a big problem for the industry.Two tests is carried out in the study. The first shows the connection between the pressing force and the damage depth made by the studs. The second test is designed to show the stud patterns ability of transferring power from the feed rollers to the timber. Seven stud patterns are examined in this study.According to the technical information retrieved by the tests finnskogsvalsen with double ribs has the best characteristic abilities, especially in the pull test. But more aspects has to be dealt with before this pattern can be used in the reality. One obvious problem this stud pattern could have is a tendency to store bark during operation, this is a major problem in the woods.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:harvester head feed rollers stud pattern damage on timber


Date of Publication:06/12/2008

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