Mail Exchange Protocol (MEP): Ett utkast till nytt protokoll för elektronisk post

by Gustavsson, C.C. Magnus

Abstract (Summary)
SMTP, the current protocol for sending electronic mail (e-mail) over the Internet, has for many years suffered from several problems and limitations. When it was designed, well over twenty years ago, the requirements for e-mail were very different from those of today. A message was a text message in English, and both user and machine were explicitly named in the address. The protocol was not designed to transfer other types of messages, and no mechanism was included to verify the identity of the sender.In order to solve these shortcomings, a new e-mail protocol needs to be defined. This report specifies a basis for what such a protocol may look like. The protocol has been designed to be easy to modify and expand, as well as to benefit from more recent ideas and technology. Binary message content is transferred without conversion, sender addresses are verified, and the address format is flexible. Along with the specification of the protocol, a sample implementation has been provided.
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School:Linköpings universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:electronic mail protocol design network internet smtp x 400


Date of Publication:01/01/2004

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