Magnetresonanztomographie, Mehrschicht-Spiral-CT und Elektronenstrahl-CT zur morphologischen und funktionellen Diagnostik der koronaren Herzkrankheit methodische Entwicklungen, experimentelle Ergebnisse und Perspektiven

by Rodenwaldt, Jens

Abstract (Summary)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), multislice spiral computed tomography (MSCT), and electron-beam computed tomography (EBCT) are noninvasive imaging modalities that may supplement or in part even replace established diagnostic procedures for assessment of the heart. MRI perfusion and functional studies were shown to enable determination of direct parameters of regional myocardial vitality. The signal intensities of blood and myocardium served to quantify myocardial perfusion. The spatial resolution allowed for differentiating subendocardial and subepicardial perfusion. Additional stress tests improved the sensitivity of the procedure. Relatively low-grade coronary artery stenoses were identified by the presence of perfusion gaps primarily in subendocardial location. Functional analysis by means of MRI tagging using an artificial grid allowed for differentiating endocardial scar tissue from epicardial vital tissue. Extension, compression, and rotation of the myocardial complex were recorded and analyzed. MSCT and EBCT were compared as radiographic procedures for noninvasive coronary angiography. MSCT was found to be superior to EBCT in terms of image quality defined as vascular contour sharpness determined as the steepness of the increase in CT densities. Assessment of segment identification showed that significantly more segments were visualized by MSCT. The cardiac MRI and CT studies presented here could only be performed in animals because of the radiation exposure involved and to ensure reproducibility of the results. The validity of the different animal models used has been demonstrated in preceding studies. The results of the present animal experiments are in agreement with many of the human data published in the literature.
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School:Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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Keywords:Magnetresonanztomographie Stenosierte Koronararterien Cardiovascular disease Myocardial Ischemia Magnetic Resonance Imaging Stenotic Coronary Arteries


Date of Publication:03/27/2003

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