Macro Trends in Chinese Human Resources : The effects of Human Resources on the world´s most populous nation

by Dalevi Arelius, Jacob

Abstract (Summary)
Macro Trends in Chinese Human ResourcesAs we move into a more advanced globalized economy we have developed from anagriculture society to a service society. As with every other part of human developmentwe have continued down the path of innovation and change to what some today call the“creative society”. It might be to early to say that we are entering a new age but it is clearthat changes happen faster and with greater impact across the globe and that is creating asociety that is different from before.A society where the talented, educated, creative, are the catalyst of economicdevelopment in a modern economy. But the rise of this creative class and the process ofglobalization also offer problems. When people elevate themselves and those aroundthem to new heights through major change the people who are unable to transit into sucha world run the risk of being left behind. It is the paradox of Globalization; it bringsriches to the people who can adapt to it while the others are often left to tend forthemselves.This thesis is about those effects on the world’s most populous nation, China. And whenit comes to these, the Human Resources, the most productive elements of a modern- 5 -society, China is far behind. The Chinese race toward becoming a major global power isas much about catching up to the rest of the world economically a socially and politically.As China masses its economical muscles to change other problems evolve and the speedof the change lead to even more complicated social problems that might come back tohaunt the country’s development path.China is trying to do what it took the major developed nations of the world a larger partof the last 300 years to do in one generation. Pushed by the need for reform thecommunist party is juggling politics, economy, and education of their people in more andmore complicated ways and further and further away from each other. The storyhowever, starts on a train ride between Washington DC and New York.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:human resources creative society globalization economic development talent knowledge social developments


Date of Publication:02/15/2008

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