Low-power current-mode ADC for CMOS sensor IC [electronic resource] /

by Agarwal, Anuj

Abstract (Summary)
A low-energy current-mode algorithmic pipelined ADC targeted for use in distributed sensor networks is presented. The individual nodes combine sensing, computation and communications into an extremely small volume. The nodes operate with very low duty cycle due to limited energy. Ideally these sensor networks will be massive in size and dense in order to promote redundancy. In addition the networks will be collectively intelligent and adaptive. To achieve these goals, distributed sensor networks will require very small, inexpensive nodes that run for long periods of time on very little energy. One component of such network nodes is an A/D converter. An ADC acts as a crucial interface between the sensed environment and the sensor network as a whole. The work presented here focuses on moderate resolution, and moderate speed, but ultra-low-power ADCs. The 6 bit current-mode algorithmic pipelined ADC reported here consumes 8 pJ/bit samples at 0.65V supply and 130 kS/s. The current was chosen as the information carrying quantity instead of voltage as it is more favorable for low-voltage and low-power applications. The reference current chosen was 150nA. All the blocks are using transistors operating in subthreshold or weak inversion region of operation, to work in low-voltage and low current supply.The DNL and INL plots are given in simulation results section. The area of the overall ADC was 0.046 mm² only.
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School:Texas A&M International University

School Location:USA - Texas

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:major electrical engineering adc low power subthreshold algorithmic pipeline current mode


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