Low-cost PC-based high-fidelity infrared signature modelling and simulation

by Baqar, S

Abstract (Summary)
In the light of the increasing terrorist SAMs threat to civil and military aircraft, the need of a high-fidelity, low-cost, IR signature scene modelling and simulation capability that could be used for development, testing and evaluation of IRCM systems cannot be overlooked. The performance evaluation, training and testing of IR missiles or other IR based weapon systems, is very expensive and is also dependent upon atmospheric factors. Whereas, the computer based non-destructive simulation can provide a cost-effective alternative to field trials. An effort has been made to model the IR scene signature using virtual reality modelling tools and integrating this model into the missile-target engagement and countermeasure simulator. The developed algorithm can simulate passive IR imaging seeker engagements with aerial targets. The presented algorithm uses the developed models for IR signature of the target, the background, the flare spectral and temporal responses and the flare ballistic trajectory. The missile guidance, auto-pilot and tracker algorithms have also been developed. The atmospheric conditions have been modelled, using LOWTRAN, as “good”, “typical” or “bad” to account for atmospheric transmittance and the sky-radiance. The results were analysed and validated through four test scenarios. The code is written in MATLAB which gives it openness for user verification/validation and also flexibility for any future modifications. The work presented may help the IRCM designer and pilots to evaluate potential strategies to defeat the imaging seeker threat.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Richardson, Dr M.A.

School:Cranfield University

School Location:United Kingdom

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:08/13/2008

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