Louis Dupré: Les Espaces de l'Écriture

by Jézéquel, Anne-Marie

Abstract (Summary)
Louise Dupré is among the most recognized of contemporary women writers in Québec. Although well known as a literary critic, insufficient attention has been accorded to her as poet, novelist, and playwright. Having lived in Quebec and after conducting an interview with the writer in Montréal, I felt well prepared to explore her entire body work as the subject of my dissertation. The work of Dupré offers readers the opportunity to discover the unique position of Quebec and a literature that is dynamic and relatively unknown outside Canada. Dupré’s personal and artistic trajectories are associated with an extraordinary historical and cultural period of transition in Quebec. Studying her work affords this dual entry into a past doubly encumbered: that of a feminine voice from a traditionally Catholic milieu often stifling for women and that of a Québécois minority literature in North America. To demonstrate the singularity of Dupré’s work, my dissertation is organized around the notion of “space,” a crucial theme in Dupré’s literary work. After explaining my choice of theme, the first chapter introduces the entire work of Dupré, situating it in the sociocultural context of Quebec and outlining her unique esthetic. Subsequent chapters analyze significant “spaces” in her novels, poetry and short stories, including the countryside, the city, and the intimate space of the bedroom, the importance of the body, “familiar spaces” – the intimate, emotional spaces of father-daughter, mother-daughter relations, and the new space of contemporary women. This study also examines “spatial displacements” and the “space of writing” in which the reader encounters the writer at work. Indeed, it is through the presence of the fictionalized female writer and her intense attention to language that Dupré addresses the problems of passion, love, death and mourning. In conclusion, this study demonstrates how the internalized space of Dupré’s writing moves the reader into territories of engagement with others and the world.
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School:University of Cincinnati

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Keywords:louise dupré a quebec woman writer spaces of writing


Date of Publication:01/01/2006

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