Loucura e cultura: cartografias da extensão de uma clínicapoética

by Bom-Tempo, Juliana Soares

Abstract (Summary)
This research approaches madness as a complex question which permeates theeveryday life and articulates with questions other than those ones of conceptions and practicesthat put it only in the mental health perspective. Some artistic works which take the risk ofinaugurating a new conception of madness allow putting into question some clichés andstandards imposed even when an opening to new ways of existenciality is aimed. This workseeks to essay some possibilities of changing the perspective that madness and professionalperformance follows. It is a critic view of consolidated practices, by proposing a compositionof a practice with multiplying interventions. These latter build and are built insofar as theyhappen in a dialogical relationship with what it makes and how it does. This investigationconsiders madness not as a deviation but as a possibility of singular existentialities, whichbecome ill only because they are not authorized discursively. That is why it tries to keep anethic, political, and aesthetic position towards the madman sickening. Based on dances insquares and artistic practices, a new body hints; a new relationship with bodilinesses breaksthrough old conceptions. In intervening in the everydayness, by putting into motion the transitbetween madness and culture, a non-place emerges and breaks through established fields. It isa chance of apprehending the invisible, the unexpected, and the passage of one state toanother. Based on Foucault, Deleuze, Guattari, Herrmann, and Gil, a contexture of ideas onthe clinic is made through new ways of interlacement as if it were fuxicos (patchworks) thatonce sewed create multiple possibilities of inhabiting movable dimensions of a clinic thatprivilege making, creating, and poetizing; that goes beyond the standard clinic domains andmakes possible to work professionally in the field of culture in favor of a poetical health.
This document abstract is also available in Portuguese.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Maria Lucia Castilho Romera; Caio César Souza Camargo Próchno; Tânia Maia Barcelos; Paulo Roberto de Lima Bueno

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Madness Clinic


Date of Publication:05/28/2008

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