Looking for the perfect blueberry pancake [electronic resource] /

by Siebert, Roger.

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT: Looking for the Perfect Blueberry Pancake is the fictional story of John Smith--an ex-cook depressed with the superficiality of his ninety-hour-per-week job managing a high-end cigar bar and disenchanted with what he thought would be a perfect romance--who flees Denver hoping to reach the comfort of his sister's home and tiny cafe on the Gulf. He's hit with a snowstorm in the middle of the night, and he feels sorry for and picks up Ed MacGuffin, a hitchhiking murderer on the lam who is in search of a recipe for the perfect blueberry pancake. John's pickup breaks down in the snowstorm and leaves the two on foot, and John and Ed are thrown into a bizarre and sometimes violent trek across half the country. When they meet Sam, a moving-truck driver, and Gavin, Sam's loader, John begins to fall in love with Sam, and Sam's sexual ambiguity forces John to try to come to terms with himself and his pop-culture-driven expectations. All along the way, John learns about Ed, Sam, himself, and the dangers of believing anything can be perfect.
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