by Nilsson, Anna-Kristina; Jost, Kristian; Karlsson, Erik

Abstract (Summary)
International Marine Group, IMG AB, was established in year 2000, and became the parent company of the three sister companies, Momec AB, Isolamin AB and Premec AB. The IMG – group supplies complete marine/offshore interior accommodation and tailor-made system supplies to the Building/Industrial sector. With a starting point to develop IMG AB’s logistic and distribution the company has decided to survey the present logistic at their subsidiaries, mainly concentrated on the goods for delivery. The purpose is to allocate the processes inside the IMG – group which have direct develop potential. To be able to satisfy the new requirements on logistics in the future, IMG – group has presented a new proposal including a warehouse to consolidate gods for delivery. The warehouse would enable consolidation of all orders which are supposed to be delivered to the same destination.The purpose with this bachelor’s thesis is to serve as basis in a discussion about IMG AB’s future development. The future development will include a consolidation point for distribution and an automatic line for wall and ceiling panels. The methods which were used to obtain information for the thesis were: data-collection, litterature reviews, benchmarking and actual visits at the subsidiaries’ plants, Isolamin AB, Momec AB and Premec AB. The purpose is also to create a survey of the logistic flows inside the supply chain of the subsidiaries. The sister companies were also compared in a benchmarking with three different external companies. The purpose is also to appoint the requirements which are of most significance for the supply chain, with the aspect on consolidation.Momec AB is located in Bottnaryd and offer marine door sets in two different types, A and B. The location of Isolamin AB is Överkalix and the company is a supplier of products and customized solutions in the area of insulated panels for the Marine/Offshore and Building/Industrial sector. Premec AB is located in Dals Ed and manufacture prefabricated bathrooms for offshore-, shipping- and building industry world wide. Premec AB can supply already made (assembled) wet units for new buildings or flat packed (knock-down) units for refurbishment/renovation. All of the sister companies have potential for development in many areas inside their order to delivery process. There are also potential for development in the distribution and logistic aspects.The authors of this bachelor’s thesis consider the prerequisite to build the warehouse a reality is to have a well implemented ERP-system. It is also of significance that the exchange of information is fluent, that all sister companies have a high delivery precision and great coordination and organised systems. Further requirements are: to make the order to delivery process more efficient, to minimize the lead-time and to give the possibility to calculate the throughput time as an order is set.The warehouse and the subsidiaries, Isolamin AB, Momec AB and Premec AB, have both strengths and weaknesses. The authors of this bachelor’s thesis consider that the warehouse will open up for more possibilities in the future, but it will also include some threats to the IMG-group.If the proposal of a new warehouse and a new automatic line turns into reality a careful risk-management analysis should be done to minimize the risk in the investment. A comparison against a proposal with outsourcing to a Third Part Logistic – company, TPL-company, should be considered. A TPL-company might be more cost effective.The conclusion is that IMG –group’s project plans of a warehouse and an automatic line should be realised with the prerequisite that all the factors that today are considered to be a problem for the IMG – group are sorted out and that the ERP- System Jevees is fully implemented.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:08/06/2008

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