Ligas magnéticas à base de FeCo processadas via moldagem de pós por injeção

by Silva, Aline

Abstract (Summary)
Different processing methods for FeCo-based alloys were tested for use in the injection molding manufacturing technique, aiming at optimization of the properties of the final product as well as cost reduction. The following parameters were analyzed: the use of either elemental or pre-alloyed metallic powders as precursors; the insertion of vanadium in the FeCo alloy; and two distinct routes for extraction and sintering of molded test parts. The magnetic, mechanical and electrical properties for each set of parameters were characterized. It is shown that the use of elemental powders yield molded objects with higher densities, more suited for soft magnetic applications. Furthermore, it represented a reduction of material and processing costs for the FeCo alloy. Alloys containing vanadium showed inferior magnetic properties at 0.5 Hz, when compared to the pure FeCo alloy. However, for higher frequencies, this relation is inverted, what can be related to the resistivity of FeCo2V, which is about an order of magnitude higher than in the FeCo alloy. FeCo alloys did not show any problem during processing, although addition of vanadium increased by 100% the mechanical strength of the molded parts. Considering the costs, there is an indication that, by using elemental powders, one step of the fabrication process could be eliminated. In conclusion, the use of elemental powders, besides being 50 % cheaper than the pre-alloyed FeCo or FeCo2V powders, also enable the use of a less costly processing route. It was also shown that all analyzed parameters do have an influence on the final properties of the alloys, and therefore, it is important to adequate the processing route to the properties required in each particular application.
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Advisor:Nelson Jhoe Batistela; Paulo Antonio Pereira Wendhausen; João Cardoso de Lima; Maria Luisa Sartorelli

School:Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:ligas metálicas ferro cobre moldagem fundição engenharia de materiais e metalurgica


Date of Publication:07/28/2008

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