Ledarskap på Åland : - en kvinno-mansdominerad arbetsplats

by Öhman, Malin

Abstract (Summary)
Title: Level: Author: Supervisor: Leadership in the Aland Islands - A female and a male dominated workplace. Final assignment for Bachelor in Business Administration Malin Öhman Dr. Maria Fregidou-Malama Date: March 2008 Aim: Method: This study is about female- and male leaders and their conditions on the company. The purpose of the work is to lift forward how both genders position themselves to the equality between female and male leadership. Is it possible to see differences or similarities about how women and men experience their leadership? How do men and women position themselves on male and female leadership? I investigated two companies; one in a female dominated and the other in a male dominated working place by interviewing the leaders and asking their employees who took part in a questionnaire investigation. In my study the leader concept constitutes a synonym for the word director. Result & Conclusions: The findings show that both leaders are positive to male and female leadership. The respondents believe there are differences between female and male leadership. Women need to discuss more, they expect others to listen and they show empathy. Men need to present problems, they do an own analysis and then ask for opinions. The result shows that the largest obstacle in women? carrier is the family, since they can loose their job during maternity leave, and that men often recruit other men of old habit instead of women. Suggestions for future research: How will the community tolerate female leadership at a more effective way and which procedure should we apply for the woman to become higher in the rank? Contribution of the study: This study contributes with new knowledge about leadership in the gender dominated workplaces in Aland.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:05/05/2008

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