Lean Production i ett byggprojekt : Kan Lean Production ge fördelar i byggbransschen?

by Hansson, Martin; Fägerås, Carl

Abstract (Summary)
Abstract This thesis is made at the Department of Industrial Organization at Jönköping University. This work has been completed in a local Bravida branch in Jönköping, focusing on a major conversion project in the block of rental flats on Öxnehaga where today's direct-acting electricity will be replaced by district heating. Bravida is one of the leading companies in the electricity, sanitary and heating installations. The project studied is the largest project committed by Bravida Jönköping and therefore they want the involvement of the university to obtain thoughts on how the project can be implemented more effectively. The project runs until 2010 and any improvements could have a major affect on further work. The basis of the thesis is that Lean Production is the leading concept in manufacturing companies but also increasingly applied in other contexts. Lean Production addresses a number of areas for instance waste, customer value, unevenness in production, justin-time, continuous improvements, 5S and value flow analysis. In addition, a brief description of the background to Lean Production and an introduction to Lean Construction is included. The reason for not using Lean Construction as the basis for the theory part is that it is relatively new and untried thus are there also limited documentation on the subject. The purpose of using the approach of Lean Production in a construction project is partly based on its success in manufacturing companies but also an attempt to see how the philosophy can be applied beyond its traditional area. The questions being asked is " What improvement opportunities that can be identified in the project on Öxnehaga? " And " What benefit can the construction industry gain from the Lean philosophy? " With the above issues as a starting point, the value flow analysis, the frequency study and interviews were conducted in the current project. The use of value flow analysis has been on an overview level to investigate if it is at all an applicable method to analyze a construction project, something that the report is skeptical to. To further provide insight into the waste in the project, a frequency study has been used as a method. Performed frequency study gives an idea of how time is used by installers in the project. A large proportion of time spent on no value adding for the end customer work tasks, for example, the movement of materials. In order to create greater understanding of the project a number of interviews has been made and this has laid the foundations of the current situation analysis in the results. Current situation analysis describes briefly the project's various parts and the problems that exist or may arise. These problems are then analyzed on the basis of Lean Production. The report challenges Bravida to be more active in their work with continuous improvements and provides suggestions on how this work could be carried out. The discussion part has finally an argument about how Lean Production can be useful both for Bravida as a company but also for the industry as a whole. Many construction companies are currently strongly inspired by the production philosophies from the producing industry. The report provides in the end also suggestions for relevant further areas of study. Abstract
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:industrial engineering and economy industriell teknik och ekonomi


Date of Publication:01/01/2009

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