Layout generation and its application

by Nickoloff, Jacob L.

Abstract (Summary)
by JACOB L. NICKOLOFF, M.S. Washington State University August 2007 Chair: George S. La Rue The extension of the expert design based layout generator, LGen, is examined in detail. These extensions include the generator being ported to the GNU/Linux platform as well as the addition of two analog circuit layout generators to the system. The future of layout generation is discussed. It has been proven in the industry that fully automated approaches to layout generation in digital circuits, given broad algorithmic or netlist specifications, is possible and practical. Despite many attempts in academia, this approach has not been proven in the analog domain. An expert design based layout generator that adequately captures expert design in a reusable, platform and process independent way, is the answer. LGen is used in the layout design of a low noise, low power switched capacitor filter. Its circuit design is also discussed in detail. The future of expert based layout generators is believed to be in constraint based geometry databases. Such a layout generator, properly implemented, would resolve complex layout interconnectivity automatically, simplifying layout design. George S. La Rue v
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School:Washington State University

School Location:USA - Washington

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:integrated circuit layout generators computer programs


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