Las nuevas tecnologías de Información y Comunicación en las concepciones de enseñanza y aprendizaje de los profesores del área de Educación Física de la III Etapa de Educación Básica de los Municipios Torbes e Independencia del estado Táchira-Venezuela

by Moreno Florez, Pascual Alberto

Abstract (Summary)
SUMMARY The purpose of the investigation tube centred fundamental in elaboration of a proposal for the physical education acquire competence basic of the TICs in the development of their activity professional; Case: teaching staff of area physical education of the III Phase of Basic Education of the council Torbes, Independence of state Táchira-Venezuela. The design of the investigation to be based on in the interpretative paradigm and a study of case. The poblation that have utilized, were of forty teaching institution of physical education of the III Phase of Basic Education of the councils before mentioning. The collection of data has realized to across of an inriquy type scale that contain twenty-eight items witch various option for to select the suitable according to its criterion. The validation of instrument was across judgement of expert confidenely of instrument, has realized across of packet statistic SPSS, with the purpose to calculate the coefficient alpha de cronbach. Nevertheless the result arrogance that sagging lecturer to have a scarce formation en la TICs and will want to acquire. However el eighty-aver (85%) not isnt connected to internet from their home, as also the 100% to consider that the TICs are a resort necessary for improve ding the teaching process. In the determination of search successful options for giving solutions to the conflicting trouble, to give step to the possibility u feasibly of development a purpose that to try the development of the competence basic in TIC for the development of the activities texture of teaching staff of physical education, besides will give place to the creation of new lines of investigation for last, to try than the pertinent authority to be heading to form active part to proposal, that will be used for the formation teaching institution of physical education than is working in the Venezuelan education. Write: Teaching staff of physical education, TIC, proposal for the educational system
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Advisor:Marqués Molías, Luis

School:Universitat Rovira i Virgili

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:departament de pedagogia


Date of Publication:12/16/2005

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