La mujer universitaria y el consumo de actividad físico-deportiva

by Carrión Rubio, Celia

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT The belief in the multiple benefits that the regular practice of physical activity and sport has in health and quality of life, has led to the development of a great variety of interventions for the promotion of these practices as far as diverse institutional estates are concerned. In this way, universities have equally acquired these driving policies in their sports programs. Nevertheless, these efforts have slightly reached the participation of women in university sport, which is kept reduced in comparison with that of men. This thesis starts from the worry that this situation wakes up, carrying out an analysis of the practice of university womens physical activity and sport, particularly in the Universitat de València and of Universitat Politècnica de València context. We propose this study from a perspective of consumption conduct. We focus on the sports services that the universities which are object of our study offer. At the university stage, the withdrawal of the familiar unit as well as the need to make decisions of transcendence for adult life makes young women acquire a major independence and adopt new conduct habits. It is a suitable moment to arouse the benefits of physical activity and sports consumption, which, backed up with a good offer, may determine the creation of a habit that is kept during the rest of life. In general, our results indicate a low level of habit in the practice. In addition, the feminine preference to practices of gymnastic type is evident. The discussion on these aspects and other pieces of information leads us to the comprehension of the particular characteristics of feminine physical and sports practice. An indispensable to adapt the institutional offers and to achieve the real participation of women in the university sport. The knowledge of the masculine experiences is highly than that of the feminine ones, and when these are analyzed, it is done from activities and institutions initially thought for men. This work tries to give a step farther, highlighting the importance of the reached achievements, but also of those which are coming.
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Advisor:Mundina Gómez, José Javier; González Moreno, Luis Millan

School:Universitat de València

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:educació física i esportiva


Date of Publication:04/25/2006

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