La Poterie - En studie ur en marknadssynpunkt om hur ett litet företag kan behålla och rekrytera nya kunder

by Olsson Gunnarsson, Evelina; Rosvall, Stina

Abstract (Summary)
Aim: The aim of this study is to examine how La Poterie can increase their customer base and retain there already existing customers, by looking at different marketing instruments. La Poterie is a Swedish company that imports and sale Portuguese ceramic and home furnishings products.Method: The study is based on two surveys, one with the potential customers and the other with the existing customers. Further we have conducted two interviews with the owners of La Poterie to complement the data. We have together with the relevant theories and other marketing instruments dealt with the information.Result & Conclusions: The result of our study shows that La Poterie’s existing customers are mainly women between 31-40. Most of the women live outside Gävle city and they buy La Poteries products 0-2 times a year. The customers would buy more products from the company if the price was lower. Most of the customers did not know that the company’s products are environment friendly. La Poterie’s potential customers are mainly women between 20-40 years old, which live in the central parts of Gävle. These women are interested in buying ceramic and home furnishings products and they think that design and appearance are the two most motivating factors for them when purchasing a new product.Suggestions for future research: One possible study that we think would be interesting to examine is the sellers’ lack of commitment in the products and the company. In our study, we observed the sellers’ inactive role which needs to be developed. Another possible study is to examine how a company can find a balance between the different distribution channels. Our last suggestion for further research concerns an investigation why small companies often loose there customers to bigger companies.Contribution of the thesis: After this study we have come up with different suggestions to La Poterie in expanding their customer base. Some of the most important suggestions for improvement are:- The company should improve the education of their sellers and recruit new sellers.- They should discuss the location of the shop and improve their marketing as a company selling environment friendly products.- La Poterie should look over their distribution channels and their different product lines. The company should also separate the office from the shop.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:marketing potential and existing customers environment friendly product


Date of Publication:03/31/2008

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