Kvinnors och mäns motiv och ambivalens till att donera ägg och spermier i Sverige

by Sköld, Rita; Sporrong, Camilla

Abstract (Summary)
Involuntary childlessness is a big problem around the world. One way to solve the problem is to receive oocytes or semen from a donor. In Sweden, semen donation has been regulated by law since 1985 and oocyte donation since 2003. The aim of this study was to investigate what motivations women and men in Sweden have to donate gametes, if they feel any ambivalence to donate, and to compare if there is any difference in motivation and ambivalence between women and men. Motivation was measured with eight statements based on previous results and clinical experience. Ambivalence was measured with a scale consisting of seven statements that addressed thoughts and feelings about the donation. The participants in the study were donors at some of the seven infertility clinics in Sweden. The dropout rate for the sperm donors was 19 %. For the egg donors the dropout rate was 17 %.. The main result showed that the main motivation for donating oocytes or semen was helping childless couples. The significant differences between women’s and men’s motivations for donating oocytes or semen were that the women were keener to helping others, while the men to a higher extent wanted to do something important, spread their genes and find out about their own fertility. The oocyte and semen donors did not feel any particular ambivalence about the decision to donate, most of them did not find it difficult to make the decision, and they would have been disappointed if they had not been allowed to donate for some reason. The conclusions to be drawn from this study are that once the donors have decided to donate, they don’t feel any particular ambivalence about the donation, and women and men have different motivations to why they are donating, even if the main motivation is the same.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:semen donation oocyte motivation ambivalence


Date of Publication:10/13/2008

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