Kvinna, Snygg och Smart : - Estetisk kompetens mer än koketteri på arbetsmarknaden

by Backman, Anneli

Abstract (Summary)
Aim: This thesis was primarily written from a gender perspective and deals mostly about women’s own experiences of beauty and looks in the workplace as well as their awareness regarding aesthetic skills. Aesthetic skill is a relatively new conception and emphasizes the importance of being aware of ones appearance at work. The main purpose of this thesis is to study different women views on beauty and appearances in the workplace and more closely look into the conception aesthetic skills.Method: Apart from studying different literature and other articles and notes about aesthetic skills was the main focus in this study the interviews that were conducted with a few selected women. All given materials, from both the interviews and from the literature had thereafter closely been monitored and compared in order to find a useful theory.Result & Conclusions: The women who took part in the survey were mostly of the opinion that appearance and good-looks do matter and are important in the workplace. However, their thoughts and experience of beauty, looks and aesthetic skills were a bit undecided. The conception aesthetic skills were for the majority of the women completely new but that had mostly to do with the name and not with what aesthetic skills really are. All of the women who took part in the survey were aware of what aesthetic skills really are about without knowing the full name of it.Suggestions for future research: Due to limitations regarding the number of women interviewed it would be far more interesting for future studies to emphasize more on men experiences and thoughts on beauty, appearance and aesthetic skills in the workplace. In doing so the thesis would be able to capture both a female and a male point of view regarding this phenomenon. It would also be interesting to look into how different employers perceive the importance of ones appearance in the workplace when it is mainly the companies and business that set standards and guidelines regarding how they want their employees to look.Contribution of the thesis: The main aim for this thesis was to contribute to enhanced awareness regarding the concept aesthetic skills and furthermore more closely study the importance of being good-looking in the workplace. I think that the phenomenon aesthetic skills are more than just a simple phenomenon and that this concept will be far more important in the future and therefore I do believe that this thesis could be of interest.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:aesthetic skills women appearance awareness authority prejudice


Date of Publication:03/03/2008

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