Kundlojalitet på den elektroniska marknaden : strategier för att skapa lojala e-handelskunder

by Christiansson, Stefan; Hinders, Henrik

Abstract (Summary)
In recent years e-commerce has experienced a big increase in usage. Internet however, cannot offer the same level of personal contact as traditional shops can.E-commerce is characterized by impersonal and standardized web shops that do not stimulate any emotional connection between the customer and the company. Without this personal contact with the customer the possibilities for the company to stimulate loyalty decreases. Loyalty however, is as important in e-commerce as it is in traditional commerce. The authors of this paper chose the following problem for the study:What marketing strategies are fortunate for e-commerce companies to use to create loyal customers?To research this subject the authors saw it fit to combine qualitative and quantitative research methods. Two e-commerce companies, Dustin AB and Discshop Svenska Näthandel AB, where chosen for the study. The qualitative method was used in the form of interviews with people with insight into the marketing strategies of these two companies. Ulla Lundevall, vice president of Dustin AB was interviewed as well as Petra Keith, head of marketing at Discshop Svenska Näthandel AB. The quantitative research method was used in the form of survey answered by customers of these two companies.The result showed that both companies have a quite large base of loyal customers. Even if the price was considered the most important factor for a majority of the customers both companies offer added value that motivate the customers to return and make repeat purchases.The result also showed that this loyalty is fragile. It was not possible to indicate any mental connection between the companies and their customers.The conclusion that the authors came to is that it is very important for e-commerce companies to offer the customer added value to motivate a higher price. It’s also very important for companies to make themselves reachable. If the company is marketing complex product, phone is a very important channel for communication. The companies must also customize their relationship making with the customer to whatever level of involvement the customer has towards the product.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/22/2005

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