Kostnadseffektivisering av bärcylinder

by Andersson, Andreas; Andersson, Anders

Abstract (Summary)
The report intends a thesis work within the machine engineer program at Karlstad University, the employee is Metso Paper Karlstad ABMetso Paper produces tissue machines for the paper industry and also performs service and development of these products. Tissue is soft paper which includes hygiene paper and table napkins. Focus in the task is to reduce the cost of the reel drum, which is a detailed component in a tissue machine. The reel drum is a drum which is assembled in the end on the paper machine, in the area where the paper is rolled up on spools. The analyzed items have the dimensions; diameter 900mm with the length 2825 mm and diameter1100 mm with the length 5550mm.Initially, the reel drum’s main functions were analyzed, which can be summarized:• That with vacuum transport the point (narrow paper chute) from the point swindle groove to the surface between the reel drum and the reel spool• To support paper during winding on the reel spool• To create a pressure against the reel spool so that a driven torque arises. The torque is required because the reel spool has no own power supply.The task was divided in two parts for a simpler procedure,” new structure” and ”improvement and efficiency improvement of existing structure”New structure treats calculations concerning the thickness of the shell and choices of alternative materials. Improvement and efficiency concerns how the current structure can be simplified and the production process improved. The result demonstrates that today's structure is unnecessary thick, the shell thickness l can be reduced with maintained function properties. To produce the shell in steel instead of cast iron gives lower purchase cost of materials for reel drums in diameter 900mm, buying to shells at the time almost reduces the material cost with 50%In order to make the existing structure and the production process more effective must certain parts of the casting be carried out with higher precision, criteria such as: thickness, roundness and presence of rest products should be taken into consideration. Higher casting precision makes the following machine work easier.Finally there exists a big potential to reduce the cost of the reel drum. Important criteria’s that is to be considered are: dimensions, materials and more effective processing.
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School:Karlstads universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:07/26/2007

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