Konkurrensbeteenden på hälsomarknaden i Gävle

by Borbos, Carolina; Wedin, Nadja

Abstract (Summary)
Health and exercise are issues that more and more people have become aware of. Today the impact of exercise on our health has been documented scientifically – regular physical activities improve our health and leads to an increased wellbeing. The companies have also acknowledged this, for example by introducing a so called exercise subvention.A competition analysis of health companies (organizations, associations) in the Gävle area is a topic that we consider timely. This topic is also of current interest as the University of Gävle is introducing the health profile “Health promoting working life”, which is one of the research profiles that the University of Gävle will be developing within three to five years. This health profile will include research and education focused on different health aspects in the working life.The aim of our study is to describe and analyze what the competitive situation is like for four health companies on the Gävle market. We will conduct a competitive analysis based on the conditions of the market.We will use qualitative data to go over what the competitive situation looks like. This will be conducted by interviews with the different companies. For secondary data we have used various literature within the subject of marketing.Vi kommer med hjälp av kvalitativ data undersöka hur konkurrenssituationen ser ut. Detta kommer vi att göra genom intervjuer med de olika företagen. Angående sekundärdata har vi använts oss av olika böcker inom ämnet marknadsföring.The organizations that we have chosen for our competition analysis are World Class, Korpen, Friskis&Svettis and Valbo Sportcentrum. Our comparison of the different companies will be based on the marketing mix. In the latter part of the study we are going to analyze the companies using Porter’s model about the components of competition analysis as well as the marketing mix.The result that we have reached from this study was that the companies share some similarities but also have a number of differences as regards their marketing and the different components that leads to a successful company. We are of the opinion that the companies should focus their marketing on emphasising their unique selections, in comparison with the other companies.This study can not, however, be said to represent all health companies in the Gävle area, as we have only chosen four of them.Finally, the conclusions that we have come to, once empiricism, theory and analysis have all been put together, are described. Furthermore, we have answered our queries, tried to give tangible proposals, and accounted for our own thoughts and reflections.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:competition analysis health organisations marketingmix


Date of Publication:09/30/2008

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