Konceptstudie av kombinerad nödgenerator-trädgårdsredskap : Concept Study of a Combined Emergency Generator-Garden tool

by Ödkvist, Magnus

Abstract (Summary)
The present study concerns a concept development of a product idea that Bengt Magnuson, associate professor, had when a heavy storm caused a widespread power failure of long duration. With a basic power-producing unit one should be able to get through a power loss. The product could also be useful for other tasks if different modules are connected, e g grass mower or snow-blower.According to the product idea the basic unit will be able to produce electric power enough for a fridge, freezer, TV, and a few electric lamps. Normally the basic unit can be used e g as a mower, when such a module is attached. An increased number of tasks would make the contraption useful and tempting for those who do not own an electrical power set in reserve. The study was limited, not involving the construction and characteristics of the power set, as such systems already exist. Power sets will be discussed according to size, weight, and effect to estimate there suitability in the base unit. Also was a consumers investigation not Per-formed, as the study is supposed to produce a basis for such an enquiry.During the concept development, five ideas were compared in order to reach the best solution. This solution was compared to the alternative solutions which were brought forward at the critical scrutinisation of the product idea.The result that was reached implied that the product would deflect buyers due to the considerable weight. Even if the weight would be reduced by making the generator unit lighter, two alternative solutions were considered better. One of them would use an alternator and put it on a modified mower with an extra shaft-coupling. The other one would be to add an alternator generator to a system already on the market, where the same motor could be moved between different products.In conclusion: One should not continue further development of the original product idea but instead use one of the alternative solutions and perform a consumer’s investigation on that one. It is important as a need for an electricity supply in reserve seems to exist for many people outside the central urban areas.
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School:Linköpings universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:09/19/2005

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