Kompetens, erfarenhet och engagemang i företagets styrelse : Påverkar det företagets årliga resultat? : Does it effect the yearly result of the business?

by Andersson, Mika

Abstract (Summary)
Background:During the beginning of the twenty-first century a couple of company frauds scandals were revealed. Therefore investors started to put higher demands on corporate governance. In Sweden a group called the code-group produced the Swedish code for corporate guidelines. The purpose is, according to the code, “to improve the control of Swedish companies and to constitute best practice regarding corporate governance”. Tom Berggren who is a member of the Swedish risk capital association claims that one of the largest problem in Swedish IT-business to reach success, are the lack of competence and ambition.The question:The author has chosen to define competence as the level of education for the individual board member. The professional experience as the years that the member has been active in the board of the company. Engagement defines as the number of boards the individual board member has been active in. That has created the following question:Does the board members of company’s competence, experience and engagement in Swedish IT-business effect yearly result of the business?Purpose:The purpose of the essay is to investigate if there is any link between the composition of the board of the company and the key figure EVA, in Swedish IT-business.Method:A quantitative study has been done with implemented annual reports as the key input data. The information about the board members and the basic data for the calculation of the EVA-value has been extracted from the annual report of the respective company. A qualitative study in the form of an interview has been done to discuss the result of the study.Conclusion:The executive board members in the Swedish IT-business has good competence,experience and shows engagement in their work in the board. They are academically educated and if you compare statistically there in an equal division between candidateand master-degree. There is a connection between board members competence and the value of the companies EVA. However, there are no obvious connection between the key figure EVA and experience. There is no obvious connection between engagement an EVA either.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/25/2007

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