Kommunikation - en intern angelägenhet?

by Eriksson, Therese; Markulic, Sandra

Abstract (Summary)
Internal communication is an important part within a company and something that is used daily. If the co-workers don´t receive the information it can have devastating consequences. The flow of the information should contain as little noise as possible to get through the chain, from the management down to the co-workers, without being changed. It also matters which communication channels are used because the management and the co-workers can have different opinions regarding which one is more effective. The gossip is also a factor that can affect the information, both in a positive and negative way.We have done a case study on Coca Cola Distributor AB, a subsidiary to Coca Cola Sweden, were we have checked how the distribution of the information travels from the management, through the executives in the middle and all the way down to the coworkers. We have observed which channels the management use and which the coworkersprefer. The opinions have differed distinctly. We have also analyzed the feedback in an attempt to identify if the co-workers opinion is taken into consideration. The informal communication has been revised to see if it has a negative or a positive effect on the distribution of the information.Different theories have been the building stone of our gathered material. We have interviewed persons within relevant areas of the company´s hierarchy, such as the management, the executives between the management and the co-workers, the store men and the truck drivers.The purpose with our essay is to identify the noise and choice of channel in the communication process between the management and the co-workers. Further on CCD will be informed about the flaws they have within their internal communication. This can lead to enhanced comfort on the place of work and increase the business competitiveness.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:08/08/2005

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