Knowledge is the Key : Internet access, utilization and opinions in Grenada, West Indies

by Haagman, Jenny

Abstract (Summary)
Knowledge is the Key- Internet access, utilization and opinions in Grenada, West IndiesInformation and knowledge contributes to growth and development through empowering individuals and communities, creating opportunities to improve their living conditions. Technology is advancing rapidly and the Information and Communication Technology, ICT, provides new ways to attain information. Especially the Internet is regarded to be a source of information and knowledge. However, there are still many places in the world where Internet access is not yet available to everyone. The consequences are that people in developing countries do not get the opportunity to benefit from the new technology and the possibilities it brings.The research for this thesis was carried out in Grenada during November and December 2006. Grenada is a small independent island in the English speaking Caribbean, where only a small percentage of the population has Internet access. The purpose of the study is to examine if a selection of young individuals in Grenada can obtain enhanced knowledge through using the Internet. Furthermore, the study intends to depict what attitudes and opinions can be found among the youths, focusing on the possibilities as well as the negative effects of the Internet.This study was conducted trough a qualitative orientated methodological perspective with strategically selected respondents between 11 and 35 years old. Qualitative interviews were being made with nine individuals who were using the Internet regularly.The conclusion of this thesis is that organized strategies and projects are required, with the aim to create motives for the young generation of Grenada to obtain enhanced knowledge through Internet usage. The access and availability in itself is not enough, because seeking information and knowledge is not the main purpose when the youths are using the Internet. Nevertheless, the respondents stated that the Internet is considered to be a source of information and knowledge and that they know where and how to find information when using the Internet, if they wanted to. The result also reveals an overall positive attitude towards the Internet and the future among the youths, yet still well aware of the negative consequences. The respondents expressed a desire to be able to keep up with the technology and wished for increased and improved accessibility and connectivity in Grenada.Another interesting conclusion this research generated is the confirmation of the digital divide as a matter of global stratification, rather than differences between countries. Regardless of the country of origin, people with Internet access will have advantages in life and benefit from the technology, unlike those who have no access and hence, will fall even further behind.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:ict internet usage attitudes youths information knowledge developing countries qualitative research interviews sida minor field study mfs grenada the caribbean


Date of Publication:04/04/2007

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