Klimat i förändring? : En studie om det kommunikativa klimatets förändring

by Björck, Anne

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractTitle: A changing climate? A study on the changes of the communicativeclimate. Klimat i förändring? En studie om det kommunikativaklimatets förändring.Author: Anne BjörckAim: The aim of this essay is to study changes in the area of the communicative climate and link that to Karl Weicks thoughts on communication and change. Karl Weick is famous for his contribution to organizational theories and he is still very well used around the world and that is the main reason to why his theory is served as a base in this essay.Method: The essay has a theoretical base with elements of qualitative explorative research method. The study contains academic literature rewiev of communicative changes. The result is compared to a theoretical starting point from the famous organizing theorist Karl Weick.Main Result: The main result is that a lot of changes have been made when you study how communication has evolved. The world is no longer a rapid or a complex world, now days you can say that the communicative sphere is raplex. The importance of having media trained CEOs have grown. Together the CEO and the information directors are often companies’ spokespersons and their public faces. In a very competitive climate a company can not afford bad publicity due to lack of media training. The world is also a more global place and globalisation has left its mark on how companies communicate their messages. All this means that there are a lot of differences from how it worked when Karl Weicks theory was produced. Despite all the new change Weicks theories are still possible to implement on organisations of today and their way of dealing with communicational change.Number of pages: 38Course: Media and Communication studies CUniversity: Division of Media and Communication, Department of Information Science, Uppsala UniversityPeriod: Fall Term 2006Tutor: Peder Hård af SegerstadKeywords: communication, raplex, organisation, Karl E Weick, change, information, company
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School:Uppsala universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:communication raplex organisation karl e weick change information company


Date of Publication:12/06/2007

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