Kinestetisk lärstil och lärares undervisningsmetoder : En intervjustudie om möjligheter och hinder för att främja lärandet

by Larsson, Linda; Larsson, Marie

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractThe purpose of the study was to study if there are some possibilities for adjust teaching in a classroom for all individual needs. To find a suitable answer for the above thoughts, the authors decided to find out more about which different teaching methods there are for student who learn kinesthetic, in other words the students who needs to budge in the teaching. This was done through a fictitious case which was left to the teachers to assume from.The study was done with a qualitative direction with a phenomenographics approach. The authors conducted qualitative interviews with some teachers in school.The authors’ interpretation from the teachers’ answer is that they want to work more within groups in the classes for satisfying all the students learning. These were pertaining not to only the student who learns kinesthetic according to the interviews. The way of teaching didn’t differ between the teachers, and, the students, who learn by the kinesthetic way, should have access to a big part of concrete material, entice to build, free or after plan, and they entice to design model, which is the mathematics basis. The teachers tried to do the teaching as rich of variation as possible to take care of the students’ abilities. In different themes the mathematics was interweaved and used outdoors. There the students could classify object, look for figure, estimate quantity and look for forms of geometry. This was very important for those who learn by the kinesthetic way.The result shows that it is the teachers who have to use teaching styles which fits the student, who learn by the kinesthetic way. It means that the teaching should concern more to the students’ conditions than the teachers. It is also important that the teachers use different methods which the teacher believes in, otherwise the student don’t believe neither and don’t success in their learning.
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:learning styles learn kinesthetic mathematics and teaching methods


Date of Publication:02/05/2008

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