Kerberos based Authentication for Inter-domain Roaming in Heterogeneous Wireless Network

by Shrestha, Anish Prasad, PhD

Abstract (Summary)
 An increased demand in ubiquitous high-speed wireless access has led an integration of different wireless technologies provided by different administrative domains creating truly a heterogeneous network. As a mobile devices movies in and out of coverage of one wireless network to another, it needs to be authenticated. The study mainly covers the authentication in wireless network.  The existing protocols for authentication of a mobile node are typically centralized, where the home network participates in each authentication process It requires home network to maintain roaming agreement with all other visiting networks. Moreover, the round trip time results high latency.  A Kerberos-based new authentication protocol is presented in this thesis that supports inter-domain roaming to overcome such problems. The proposed protocol adopts the strong features of Kerberos based on tickets for rigorous mutual authentication and session key establishment along with an issuance of token so that the mobile station can have access to not only the roaming partner of home network, but also to the roaming partner of previous visited networks. The performance evaluation and comparative analysis of the proposed protcol is carried out with the already implemented standard protocols and most remarkable research works till date to confirm the solidity of the results presented.       
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Advisor:Seung-Jo Han

School:Chosun University

School Location:Korea (Republic of)

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:authentication, kerberos, inter-domain roaming, trusted third party, session key


Date of Publication:02/25/2010

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