Kan franchisetagaren karaktäriseras vid rollen av en egenföretagare?

by Ahlman, Madeleine; Blomqvist Lundin, Johan

Abstract (Summary)
Problem: On the basis of the franchisees role and how he look up on his role in his business, should one like the Swedish Law applies characterize the franchisees role as the role of a contractor?Purpose: The purpose with this research is too survey the franchisee in his business and how he looks upon his role as a franchisee and see if this like the Swedish Law states be characterized as the role of a contractor.Methodology: By doing a proportional stratified selection within the the Swedish Franchising community, nine semi structured interviews has been made. The empirical foundation of these interviews has been concentrated and analysed with the support of the chosen theories. The result of the analysis has created the conclusion.Theoretical perspectives: The research is built up of three angels of approach; the role, the business and the economy within the franchisee and the contractor. The three approaches aim too illustrate the role of the franchisee, the franchisees role in the business and the economical effects in franchising. The approaches that are being used is not theories but models of standards.Empirical foundation: The empirical foundation of the study is consisting of the answers of the nine franchisees. They have been contracted to Gallerix, MakeUpStore, SpecsaversBlic, Subway och 7 – Eleven.Analysis / Result:The study lead to an extension of the chosen theories. Similarities and differences has been identified and analysed. These are the base and the ground for the conclusion.Conclusion: The franchisee should not be named contractor like the Swedish Law applies with the focus on the role, business and economy.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:franchise franchisee contractor behaviour role characterize


Date of Publication:01/29/2008

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