Kampen om Könskriget : - en diskursteoretisk analys av meningsskapande kring Dokument Inifråns granskning av extremfeminismen

by Osterling, Anna

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractTitle: The struggle of “The war of the sexes”- A discoursetheoretical analysis of Dokument Inifrån’s review of extreme feminism (Kampen om Könskriget – En diskursteoretisk analys av meningsskapande kring Dokument Inifråns granskning av extremfeminismen)Number of pages: 40Author: Anna OsterlingTutor: Amelie HössjerCourse: Media and Communication Studies DPeriod: March – May 2006University: Division of Media and Communication, Department of Information Science, Uppsala UniversityPurpose/Aim: To analyse the debate in Dagens Nyheter from May 2005-June 2005 concerning the documentaries “The war of the sexes” and to use discourse theory to reflect upon how the texts create different thruths and discources. A second purpose is to analyse how the texts create identities and groups, mainly concerning feminism. A third purpose is to relate the creation of meaning to structures of power and genderrelations.Material/Method: The material consists of 57 texts from Dagens Nyheter published during the chosen period, all relating to the documentaries. The method is textual analysis with a discoursetheoretical persective and analysis of societal structures and power using theories from Foucault, Conell and Säljö.Main results: There are several discourses struggling to create mening around “The war of the sexes” of which some are greatly antagonistic towards each other. Some claim that the documentaries are truthful, some that they are a lie. Others wish to place them in a greater societal context to articulate their meaning, drawing attention to genderrelations, power and the problems of infotainment. There is also a struggle between discourses concerning the feminist identity and definitions of the group feminists. Relating these struggles to structures of power shows how persons and discourses have unequal access to creating meaning and that the masculine hegemony may have affected the stereotypical feminism being (re)produced in some of the texts.Keywords: Mediadebate, power, discourse, genderrelations, feminism and mediation.
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School:Uppsala universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:mediadebate power discourse genderrelations feminism and mediation


Date of Publication:10/26/2006

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