JPEG 2000 and parity bit replenishment for remote video browsing

by Devaux, François-Olivier

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis is devoted to the study of a compression and transmission framework for video. It exploits the JPEG 2000 standard and the coding with side information principles to enable an efficient interactive browsing of video sequences. During the last decade, we have witnessed an explosion of digital visual information as well as a significant diversification of visualization devices. In terms of viewing experience, many applications now enable users to interact with the content stored on a distant server. Pausing video sequences to observe details by zooming and panning or, at the opposite, browsing low resolutions of high quality HD videos are becoming common tasks. The video distribution framework envisioned in this thesis targets such devices and applications. Based on the conditional replenishment framework, the proposed system combines two complementary coding methods. The first one is JPEG 2000, a scalable and very efficient compression algorithm. The second method is based on the coding with side information paradigm. This technique is relatively novel in a video context, and has been adapted to the particular scalable image representation adopted in this work. Interestingly, it has been improved by integrating an image source model and by exploiting the temporal correlation inherent to the sequence. A particularity of this work is the emphasis on the system scalability as well as on the server complexity. The proposed browsing architecture can scale to handle large volumes of content and serve a possibly very large number of heterogeneous users. This is achieved by defining a scheduler that adapts its decisions to the channel conditions and to user requirements expressed in terms of computational capabilities and spatio-temporal interest. This scheduling is carried out in real-time at low computational cost and in a post-compression way, without re-encoding the sequences.
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School:Université catholique de Louvain

School Location:Belgium

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:closed loop coding video compression conditional replenishment browsing transmission side information ldpc scalability distributed jpeg 2000 parity


Date of Publication:09/19/2008

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