Isospectral transformations between soliton-solutions of the Korteweg-de Vries equation

by Lee, Tad-ming

Abstract (Summary)
(Uncorrected OCR) Absact of the entled Isospectral Transformations etween Soliton-solutions of the orteweg-de Vries Equation Submitted by Lee Tad Ming for the Degree of Master of Philosophy at The University of Hong Kong in March 1994. Hee, he iosecl tanmas under he regime of superymmeic qan mechanic are employed to study special features ( main solto soluts ) of the eweg-de Vrie eq K-dV in t ). Such ransforma wih reference to solto hery are ignificant becaus solton evolut are exactl sospecra s under he inver cattering me The first pcedre to st sospecra Hamiltonian can e daed ack to he wrk of Darbou 1882 and, er Cr 1955). Recently, he hery of su erymmeric qantum mechanic in ne-dimenn has been developed and wide died. One of the ide s of this they is to povide an n-hand ce to stt the famiies of sospecra Hamiltonians. F his thery, a ecnd of sospecral transforman was poposed Abraham and Moss (198). Puey 1986a) then inced a hird . A few year ag, Kng and Fung 1989 deve oped a stemaic anas of the genera of ll thee isospecral transforma nder a ing framewrk, mre ss long he ine of Sumar' rk ( Sumar 1985b ), adding ariculary an explicit treament of the ftright symmery They were abl to st ll transformas f he arboux-Cr crean and an- nihi ransforma reing both regular and ingular solto potenials of the K-dV eq ccrding to the framewrk of ng and Fung 1989, an attempt wa made to llustra he possble group poperies of the isospecral transforma which were iniiaed Puey 1987) through 8 new oposs. Also vel st of acn- ange variabl s poposed to mainain he ftright symmery of the isospecra ransformas on eql footing. I bieve he acn-ange variabl give a mre suble decript of the Hamiltonian formul of the K-dV stem in cae we have to hand bot he ft and he right scattering da n addin, have generaized he addin ruls of regulari of the solto so luts of the K-dV eq nder he ransforma which were first repoed Wahst and Estoo 1973 in he en ha when successve ieras of the Backlund ransformas o he vacuu ste are applied to st t of N solto solut, can ovided he rul which help us to mainain he ingulari of the solut obtained ii
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School:The University of Hong Kong

School Location:China - Hong Kong SAR

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:spectral theory mathematics inverse scattering transform solitons differential equations nonlinear partial


Date of Publication:01/01/1994

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