Abstract (Summary)
VHDL-AMS is a simulation language used to model analog, digital and mixed signals. The features of the language support hierarchical composition of hardware. As a result of this, most real world systems modeled in VHDL-AMS have complex structural architectures. This makes the task of studying the characteristics of a particular model extremely difficult. This thesis addresses the problem of developing a VHDL-AMS library(VAL) that provides an efficient means of retrieving model information from a collection of model files present in a model repository. In addition, before simulation of a certain VHDL-AMS model all required input files need to be retrieved. The development of a system that simplifies the process of determining and retrieving all files needed for a certain simulation has also been addressed. Overall a VHDL-AMS Library(VAL) has been developed that simplifies the task of retrieving model information as well as model files. Since there can be a large number of models and each model can consist of numerous files each containing numerous model components, a database solution has been chosen over other methods such as simple use of directories. Information from the VHDL-AMS model files has been retrieved using a VHDL-AMS parser/analyzer and stored in a database unit . The database unit has been linked to a query subsystem that acts an interface between the library user and the database unit. The query subsystem supports operating system functions to enable retrieval of model files from the central model repository into the user's home directory. The VHDL-AMS library was tested over a set of users. The variation in time taken with the complexity of the information being retrieved was noted and analyzed. The results obtained were very encouraging, the quantile quantile plot of the average activity time for different levels of informational queries fitted the equation of a straight line with a correlation coefficient of 0.997.
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School:University of Cincinnati

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:library management relational algebra query retrieval


Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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