Investigation of IEEE standard 802.16 Medium Access

by Robles Rico, Pedro Francisco

Abstract (Summary)
This paper is a study of IEEE Standard 802.16 Medium Access Control (MAC) Layer in Distributed Mesh Networks. IEEE Standard 802.16 is a Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN) technology that can connect different IEEE 802.11 (Wifi) host post with each other and to other parts of internet. It can provide network for a wireless router and at the same time this router can be installed in the office, house or university.WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a certification mark for products that pass conformity and interoperability tests for the IEEE 802.16 standards. Products that pass the conformity tests for WiMAX are capable of forming wireless connections between them to permit the carrying of internet packet data. The idea of WiMAX is similar than Wi-Fi but it is not the same. It is a step much higher than Wi-Fi because it is focused to offer internet for a whole city.It has much higher capacity and longer distances. IEEE 802.16 defines a MAC Layer that supports multiple physical layer (PHY) Specifications and different topologies; Point to Multipoint (PMP) and Mesh Networks. In this first topology there exist a Base Station (BS) that have direct links with all the Subscriber Stations (SS). If any Subscriber Station requires transmitting to another SS, the message must convey the Base Station.
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School:Linköpings universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:mesh distributed mac layer 802 16 wireless


Date of Publication:07/14/2006

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