Investigating female student enrollment in Physical Education 11

by Kilborn, Michelle Lynne

Abstract (Summary)
Keeping female students interested and participating in physical education classes is a difficult task faced by many secondary physical educators. In British Columbia, ody 10-12% of females in grade 11enroll in physical education, compared with 22-24% of their male counterparts. This low participation rate causes concem since there is considerable evidence of the health benefits of physical activity. Focus group interviews with female students in grade 11 (N=27) were conducted in two rural towns in British Columbia that had high enrollment of female students in physical education. The purpose of these discussions was to gain insight into the female student experience and the factors that encourage or discourage young women from enrolling in Physical Education 11. Three major themes emerged from the focus group data: (i) fairness and equity; (ii) meaning and value; and (iii) have fun and take a break. These themes indicated that young women desire physical education programs that are fair, equitable, meaningful, and enjoyable. These results were discussed in relation to previous literature regarding female participation in physical education.
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Date of Publication:01/01/1999

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