Inventory and analysis of plankton in Green River within Mammoth Cave National Park [electronic resource] /

by Laughlin, Justin H.

Abstract (Summary)
National Park Service biological staff are charged with preserving and protecting all creatures within a park's boundaries. It is only a matter of time before exotic zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) invade all eastern waterways including Green River within Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky. The National Park Service, in cooperation with University of Tennessee, initiated this inventory of plankton within Mammoth Cave National Park to establish baseline data prior to zebra mussel invasion. During this two year study (2000-2002), 180 plankton samples were collected at three sampling sites which encompassed all major riverine habitat types within the three flow zones (free-flow, transitional, impounded) created by Lock and Dam #6. Duplicate plankton samples were taken on all six occasions at these sites. Each year one sample was collected in June/July (base flow), another in August/September (base flow), and the other in November/December (enhanced flow). Zooplankton were sampled using both vertical (4/site) and horizontal (4/site) tows with 153-micron and 80-micron mesh plankton nets. Samples were fixed in the field with a 10% sugared formalin solution for later examination in the laboratory. A 1.0-L polycarbonate water bottle was used to collect phytoplankton samples at a depth just above the Secchi disk transparency level; samples were fixed in a 1% Lugol's solution and stored in an opaque container for analysis. Water temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, and water transparency were also measured and recorded at each sample site. Water quality data were similar among sites and the variation among dates was consistent with climatic conditions. Dissolved oxygen ranged from 10.96 (mg/L) in ...
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