The Intranet and Information Quality

by Jonsdottir, Elin Astridur

Abstract (Summary)
In this work, the quality of information in the Internet and intranet will be dealt with. What characterises information of quality cannot be decided ones and for all, as it always will be in relation to the user's needs. The factors, however, that can be thought of when evaluating information can be outlined. These factors will be discussed and compared to the methods that are used by web editors to secure quality of the information in the intranet.The methods used to investigate the paper's thesis, are the study of literature and three interviews are conducted. The study of literature is meant to reveal the aspects that can be considered when evaluating information published via the Internet and intranet. The interviews are conducted to see how web editors secure that the information in the intranet is of high quality.The study has revealed that the following aspects can be considered when evaluating information in the Internet and intranet. These aspects are the purpose of the information; the information's authority; the accuracy, maintenance, and currency of the information and last, the accessibility and presentation of the information.
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:information quality intranet evaluating


Date of Publication:01/11/2008

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