Intra muros: representations urbaines dans le roman francophone subsaharien et antillais Ousmane Sembene, Calixthe Beyala, Patrick Chamoiseau et Maryse Conde

by Golumbeanu, Adriana

Abstract (Summary)
This dissertation is predominantly an analysis of urban (and suburban or peripheral) representations in four francophone postcolonial fictional narratives: Xala (1973) by Ousmane Sembène, Texaco (1992) by Patrick Chamoiseau, Les honneurs perdus (1996) by Calixthe Beyala, and La Belle Créole (2001) by Maryse Condé. My intention is to show how Sembène, Chamoiseau, Beyala, and Condé recreate the postcolonial urban geography and its inhabitants, and which coordinates they follow in this process of recreation. The dissertation is divided into four chapters. In the first chapter, the introduction, I present the bio-bibliographical resources I have used, as well as the objective of this dissertation, the texts and the authors. In the second chapter, I attempt to analyze the representation of the city as a space of fulfillment or disillusionment, a space of hope or a dystopia. My intention is to emphasize the literary strategies and images that highlight the representation of the urban aspects, as well as some of the external factors, economic, social, racial or cultural, that preside over a specific recreation of urban reality. In the third chapter, my goal is to identify the modes of representation of some urban structures and territorial networks in the selected literary texts, showing how this effect of ‘spatialization’ is obtained, and to what end, if other than purely esthetic. Another aspect I pursue is showing how the hierarchies and the interdependences of the urban spaces are represented in the four novels. The last chapter emphasizes the place of women in the postcolonial francophone city, their relationship with urban spatiality, their vision of the city, as represented by the selected authors. This dissertation attempts to analyze the aforementioned aspects in their close connection with the narrative substance.
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School:The Ohio State University

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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:francophone novel city beyala sembene chamoiseau conde streets urban women


Date of Publication:01/01/2006

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