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by Catanzaro, Basil J.; Horine, Brian S.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate

Abstract (Summary)
Historically, there has been a separation between the U.S. military and outside agencies, to include non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international organizations (IOs). These communities often have misconceptions, biases, and stereotypical misperceptions of each other. Furthermore, these effects have sometimes degraded the ability of the military to accomplish its missions in stability, stabilization, transition, and reconstruction operations. It is imperative that the military and outside agencies cooperate with each other. From this observation, we ask the question: How can we develop a system to share information and lessons learned and collaborate on humanitarian activities within the international community? From this question the following hypothesis emerges: Information sharing and collaboration on lessons learned can be accomplished through a web-based network. The thesis will study the rift between the military, NGOs and IOs, show their overlapping area of operations, the results of this separation, and the fact that these communities have a desire and a need to share information; discuss the definition of networks and explain how networks and communities of interest have developed and advance a business model of how to best implement a web-based information sharing network. Note: This thesis includes the establishment of a prototype website to test the hypothesis
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School:The United States Naval Postgraduate School

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