Interaction of insulin like growth factor-1 and resistance training on skeletal muscle mass and function

by Lee, Suk-ho.

Abstract (Summary)
List of Tables List of Figures v vi ix x I. Introduction 1 II. Statement of Problem and Experimental Design 4 III. Study No. 1 6 Abstract 7 Introduction 8 Methods 10 Results 13 Discussion 15 IV. Study No. 2 24 Abstract 25 Introduction 26 Methods 27 Results 30 Discussion 31 V. Study. No 3 40 Abstract 41 Introduction 42 Methods 44 Results 51 Discussion 56 VI. Expanded review of literature 70 A. Methods for inducing hypertrophy in animal model 71 B. Regulation of the hypertrophic response in skeletal muscle 79 C. Adaptations of resistance training and IGF-1 99 D. Detraining 108 VII. Expanded Methods 111 A. Animal care and experimental design 111 B. Viral construction and injection 112 C. Resistance Training and Detraining 114 D. In situ contractile properties of FHL based on rats (mouse) 115 vii E. Tissue processing 118 F. Detection of gene expression 118 G. Histology for central nuclei1 119 H. Oxidative enzyme 119 I. Total and myofibrillar protein concentration 119 J. Muscle fiber type distribution 120 K. Myosin Heavy Chain Composition 120 L. Nitric acid digestion technique for fiber length 120 M. Statistical analysis 121
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