Intelligent e-mentoring service for cost estimating

by Planas, Dolors

Abstract (Summary)
The cost of products and services evolve during a project life cycle. During this time different cost estimates must be made that can be used as fundamental criteria for making design and manufacturing decisions. The competent completion of an estimate requires both knowledge and skills that can be obtained by providing mentoring to the cost estimator. This study has been undertaken within the Virtual Cost Engineering Studio (V-CES) European project. This project aims to provide two main resources, training for professionals in the area of Cost Engineering in the form of an ‘E-mentor’ tool and a platform where ‘e-training’ material can be deployed. The E-mentor is a ‘step by step’ tool that guides the trainee through the Cost Estimating process based on the three Cost Estimating Methodologies: Analogy, Detailed and Parametric. In such context, this thesis describes the development of an intelligent e-mentoring tool that provides both support and guidance to the trainee when using the V-CES services. The tool suggests the suitable cost estimating methodology/ies with comprehensive and useful feedback. This thesis also describes the assessment of competences required for the cost estimating process that enables the suggestion of an e-training path and the classification of a cost estimator as a novice or expert. This assessment is based on the knowledge and skills required for each identified competence. The classification of a cost estimator as a novice or expert allows the E-mentor tool to be tailored to the cost estimators needs with feedback given throughout the cost estimating process. The validation of the developed prototype has been done with cost estimating professionals using both interviews and case studies. The results have proved the developments are useful on enhancing the cost estimator’s training.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Rios, J. (supervisor); Roy, Rajkumar (supervisor)

School:Cranfield University

School Location:United Kingdom

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:09/01/2006

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