Integration of statistical and neural network method for data analysis [electronic resource] /

by Chavali, Krishna Kumar.

Abstract (Summary)
Integration of Statistical and Neural Network Method for Data Analysis Krishna K Chavali The issues that are to be considered while selecting data analysis methods are data type and expected solution type. Incorrect selection of either can lead to incomplete solution leading user taking an uninformed decision. The software developed for this thesis (SANE - Statistical And NEural network data analysis) is aimed at enabling a user to use advanced data analysis techniques to handle a given research issue. An effective navigation system is designed for user to select the analysis method by responding to a set of questions. SANE provides web based data analysis using statistical and neural networks methods. The statistical analysis module has methods for finding a relationship between variables, predicting group membership and finding group differences. The neural net module has back propagation and cascade correlation algorithms. Users can apply different methods on same dataset and compare the results. This software is implemented in ASP.NET2.0 with backend in SQL2005.
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School:West Virginia University

School Location:USA - West Virginia

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:neural networks computer science statistics


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