Injuries in elite Canadian women's field hockey

by Westbrook, Khatija L.

Abstract (Summary)
A prospective cohort study was undertaken to ascertain the patterns and nature of injuries and the extrinsic risk factors associated with these injuries that occurred during the Canadian women's national field hockey team's preparation for the 1999 Pan Amencan Games. Chronic injuries caused by ovemse, including fatigue, cramps and nonspeci ficjoint trauma, muscle strains, tendinitis and poshual mechanical dysfunction, occurred most fkequently during ski11training in practices. Acute injuries caused by contact and rnechanical stress, such as contusions, spins and traumatic mechanical dysfunction, occurred more frequently in games than in practices, and more fiequently in the second hdf. The majority of injuries were of rnoderate severity. The lack of effect of extrinsic nsk factors on injury and the theoretical basis for the causes of chronic and mechanical stress injury suggest that iĆ¹ture research should be directed toward intrinsic causes of injury.
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Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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