Initiating rotation in triple somersaulting armstand dives

by Murtaugh, Karen

Abstract (Summary)
To determine strategies used to generate linear and angular momentun in amstand triple somersaults tuck, a two-dimensional, kinematic analysis was perfomed on cornpetition dives of 19 elite male divers. The Lower extremities were the major contributor to total body mgdar momentum for amstand forward, back and reverse triple somersaults tuck. Maximum hip flexion velocity was greater for the reverse (12.8 * 0.5 rads) than the back triple (11 .O 1.2 rad/s) and the leg snap occurred earlier in the takeoff of the reverse triple (p<0.05). Chinese divers who perfonned the back triple scored higher than American divers. Tliey also had greater knee flexion and extension velocities, hip extension velocities and downward CG velocities during takeoff @Bibliographical Information:



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Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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