Ingenmansland? : En studie av medarbetarnas uppfattning om sin tillhörighet och roll inom ett personaluthyrningsföretag

by Schultz, Emelie; Syberyjski, Tomas

Abstract (Summary)
SummaryThe purpose with this study is to give a view of how employees understand their belonging and role in a temporary work agency and its clients. This study describes the employees´ relation towards the temporary work agency and the client. The study should be interesting for temporary work agencies and those who have considered of working in the temporary work agency business.The agency in this study is Manpower AB and has existed in Skövde for five years and has appreciated 200 employees. The company offers fast, worth its prizes and flexible employment agency solutions no matter if it affects a few persons or more complicated solutions. You can find specialists and generalists within the most fields, for example administration, sales, market, telemarketing, technology, and logistics. Accept for satisfied clients Manpower AB has an ambition of satisfied employees.Working as temporary hired employee has consequences for the situation at the place of work. The temporary hired employees’ presence is expressed, or implied temporary, and furthermore they have other legal status. These employees aren’t included in the “common” social contexts at the work, which is a risk to lead them to isolation. The question is if the employees feel their belonging to the temporary work agency or to the clients, or if their belonging is in no-man’s-land. So the discussion in this study is;How do employees from a temporary work agency understand their belonging and role when they are temporary hired out to a client, and what influence their understanding?A concept that manages the relation employee to boss/employer and to the rest of the work has during the last years grown and got the name employeeship. This concept has various forms and consists of four stones, which describes how employeeship is practiced within various parts in the Swedish working life. The study looks at all sides of the question but mostly from this employeeship that gives an explanation of what influence the employees´ understanding of their belonging and role. The theory that goes by the hand with the study’s discussion belonging, is identity. There is an ongoing interaction between identities and roles, therefore are these theories shown in the theoretical frame of reference.This study shows that the view of the respondents´ understandings is a consequence of in what extent the employeeships’ stones occurs in the temporary work agency and in its clients. The majority of the respondents think that they have the same roles as the client’s employees. As the role has an influence of a person’s identity, the respondents’ role influence their understanding of their belonging, which for the mostly full-time employees is to the clients. A couple of respondents have, through this study, more or less shown that their belonging is in no-man’s-land. This situation doesn’t however need to be seen a something bad because the respondents are satisfied with their employment as temporary hired thorough Manpower AB.
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/20/2007

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