Informationslogistisk modell : Hur ska tillverkande företag tillgodose informationsbehoven?

by Tryggvesson, Johan; Hansson, Sara; Elfving, Henrik

Abstract (Summary)
This essay answers the question: How can a manufacturing business fulfill the information demand in the processes; purchasing, production, warehousing, order and delivery?The question has been answered through different kind of studies, such as literature, documents, Internet search, interviews and observations. The essay is written from a hermeneutic point of view and by using qualitative research. The result has been validated by two different manufacturing businesses.A simple information logistic model is the result of a comparison made between theory and empery. The aim of the model is to describe how a manufacturing business can fulfill the information demand by using different methods. The model is divided into five vertical parts; information quantity, communication, method, process and activity. The model is not horizontally limited; the users can chose what is relevant for them. For example a user can choose to study only one process.The model gives example of common information carriers, which are used to gather the information needed. It displays between whom the information is exchanged. The model focuses on the commu-nication between the business and its customers and suppliers. The model also gives suggestions on methods, which are usable to fulfill information demand, and the importance of integration between processes using five common processes and their activities.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:02/22/2007

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